As a dancer, dancing is my life. It’s something you can do naturally, at the same time learn throughout your lifetime. It’s simple, natural and offers joy, then again complicated, demanding and tiring. Dance is life with all of its emotions, high and low tides, with a beginning and an end.
You can read about my whole dance journey from my CV, but to sum it up it started at the age of 8 with competitive dancing next to which I was learning stage and folk dance. At the age of 14 I started my ballet classes at Ida Dance School and later on at Vanemuine Dance and Ballet School. Roles in child ballets and in Vanemuine theatre repertoires on a big stage gave me a strong base, but I soon realised that ballet was not going to be my passion. Instead I discovered flamenco and wanted to improve myself further in Viljandi Dance Academy learning the art of dance.

I’m grateful to all of my dance teachers in my life as well as my course mates, with and from whom I learned so much. I miss the times where we would together create powerful productions and take part in each other’s humorous or deep performances. Thank you!
I am also grateful to Mare Tommingas who, even though I rejected the offer to go to work at Vanemuine after graduation, still remembers me and keeps inviting me back to various projects in Vanemuine.


“Rhythm & Flair”

“Metamorfoosid” – Ballet night in three parts
Choreography: Matthew James Jordan, Kalli Pikas
Photographer: Gabriela Urm


“Percusión en tablas”

“Vanemuise ballet 80!” gala
Choreography: Matthew James Jordan, Kalli Pikas
Dancers: Matthew James Jordan, Kalli Pikas, Giorgi Koridze


Georges Bizet’s opera”Carmen”

Theatre Vanemuine
Director: Giorgio Madia
Artist: Maarja Meeru
Musical artist: Paul Mägi


“Armuri jäänuk”

Katrin Kreutzbergi diploma production

On stage: Kalli Pikas and Raho Aadla
Also: Kadri Sirel, Sigrid Savi, Eline Selgis, Keity Pook, Jane Ojasalu, Evelyn Uisk, Sille Ardel, Susanne Org
Butaphor: Kaido Torn
Lighting artist: Emil Kallas



Choreography and performance: Liina Luik, Kalli Pikas
Music: Kulno Malva or Toomas Oks and Kristel Kutser
Lighting: Sander Põllu


“Minu meelest on iga päevaga raskem oma sinise portselani vääriline olla”

TÜ VKA Tantsukunsti XX lennu ühislavastus barokk-ajastust inspireerituna, koos butafooridega
TÜ VKA Dance art specialty XX year, joint production inspired by baroque, with butaphors
Supervisor: Kai Valtna



TÜ VKA Dance art specialty XX year, joint production with lighting artists
Supervisor: Kai Valtna



Choreography: Raho Aadla
Dancers: Kalli Pikas, Helena Krinal, Mari-Liis Eskusson, Maarja Tõnisson,
Katrin Kreutzberg, Margarita Margarjan, Joonas Tagel, Kalmer Liimets, Alar Orula, Siim Maaten
Lighting artist: Kristjan Suits



Choreography: Liina Luik
Dancers: Kalli Pikas, Reelika Nurmsaar, Katrin Kreutzberg, Helena Krinal,
Kristiina Vilipõld, Raho Aadla, Kalmer Liimets, Alar Orula, Nikolai Räbin


“Järgmine peatus”

Choreography: Helena Krinal
Dancers: Kalli Pikas, Maarja Tõnisson, Mari-Liis Eskusson, Kristiina Vilipõld, Ingrid (Õun) Mikker
Lighting: Sander Põllu


“Praak meiereis”

Choreography: Kristiina Vilipõld
Dancers: Kalli Pikas, Mari-Liis Eskusson, Raho Aadla, Maarja Tõnisson,
Reelika Nurmsaar, Katrin Kreutzberg, Margarita Margarjan
Lighting: Sander Põllu


“Aeglaste naudingute aed”

TÜ VKA Dance art specialty XX year, joint production inspired by renaissance
Supervisor: Kai Valtna.


“Maasikad ja mustikad”

Supervisor: Katrin Reinup