It started when …

… in November of 2019 I was presented in a dream with a question: “Why don’t you realise all of the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years?” When usually the dreams fade away when you wake up, then this particular sentence stayed and started haunting me. I realized that it’s time to start sharing my experiences in a more bold way with other. I felt a deep desire to build my own studio, where I can combine two fields of art together – dancing and painting.

Behind this idea were also two other world citizens – my daughters. Then 6-year-old Anna-Kalli and 3-year-old Õnne-Pai. They have taken part in my dance classes and performances while still being in the womb. Ideas formed while being together with them have been written down in a notebook and find use in mutually sharing lessons with them.

Renovating the rooms

Opening 10.10.2020