For over 10 years I have been organizing flamenco summer workshops for beginners and advanced dancers. Those who are interested, there’s a possibility to invite some short-term workshops to theme events and summer days which would include the basics of flamenco dance, rhythm clapping and using of different objects within the dance (abanico, castanuelas, manton etc).

I also look forward to exciting invitations to company events or summer days to develop the team’s creativity through movement or painting and increase their sense of unity through shorter dance workshops.

An introductory course for flamenco dance and props

Painting workshop with coursemates at Kalli’s farm in August 2019

A few mini workshops at Kalli’s farm connected to the dance production “Sinine” in summer 2017.

Flamenco dance camps in Räpina, which were followed by concerts in open air with all of the participants.