Wall paintings

After graduating from Pallas University of Applied Sciences with a rather large-scale diploma work “Kuldne eesel” (“The Golden Ass”), I almost immediately got an order for yet another wall painting. Also quite extensive work, starting with three different designs and ending with painting one of them on an actual wall. From that point on I’ve only been decorating walls for my own use and as my heart desires, but I nonetheless am open to offers.

“Kuldne eesel”, diploma work for Pallas University of Applied Sciences in 2005

The Pompeii-styled canvases painted on the walls of the Esna mansion are inspired by the works of Lucius Apuleius “Metamorphoses aka The Golden Ass”. The incredible love story between Amor and Psyhe is depicted on 9 differend canvases.
Supervisors Heli Tuksam and Madis Liplap  

Art Nouveau styled wall paintings for a home restaurant in 2005

The wall of a bedroom in Kalli’s farm

Diningroom wall in Kalli’s farm

A renovated smoke sauna from 1997.

Outside toilet